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We strive to make your experience with us better every time, continually looking for ways to improve our product range, our stock holdings, and delivery options. Our focus is always on you.

Now we want to improve how we serve you.


The ACURA Group team have come together once again with the aim to improve your online experience. We have listened and been dedicated to develop and enhance our website functionality, to help serve you better.

We are excited to release two major enhancements; online products and online ordering 24/7, for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Our online products are presented in an intuitive design with a focus on helping you find the products and solutions you need, easily and fast, using the category and industry filters, or using the additional refined text search. Click here and try now.

Product pages have been designed to help you identify the correct variation of a product, for example, Flat Plate Fittings. In this case, you will find that we stock multiple different variations of Flat Plate Fittings, such as Flat Plate Tee, Flat Plate 1 Hole, Flat Plate 4 Hole, among others. When you find the exact product you're looking for, you can then simply add the required quantity to your cart by selecting the plus symbol. Click here and view this example.

When you're ready to submit your order or enquiry, simply click on the cart symbol on the header, and you'll seamlessly navigate to the cart page. The cart page design is simplified and very user friendly. From here you can review your cart items and add any required notes, fill in your delivery address and site details and then click one button. That's all you need to do, we'll sort out the rest.


We promise we won't stop here. The ACURA Group team are continually listening and looking for better ways to serve you.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us today on 1300 750 750 or alternatively email us at online@acuragroup.com.au.

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