Catalogue Issue 3

Innovative products and solutions that will help you save time, meet deadlines, and stay on budget.
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Introducing your ACURA Group Product Catalogue Issue 3


The ACURA Group team have come together to improve the overall catalogue experience for you. By combining our strengths, we have made data driven decisions, prepared product data more accurately, refined the brand and design for a better visual experience, researched customer insights to better understand how we and our products can make all the difference, and how to effectively present and deliver solutions to you.


The latest ACURA Group 184-page catalogue combines over 4,900 listed products, including a new range of products covering plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire services. We have included a bigger and dedicated range of vibration control solutions, and an increased range of cable tray support products.

In the spotlight you will find the new Armorgard storage solutions, a great range of innovative products designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively.

The Valsir MFV System is also one of the latest pioneering additions to our range, a prefabricated custom solution which will save hours when installing bathrooms, or even possibly save weeks of labour throughout a whole project.

Also, Sikla siFramo has been such a success it cannot go unmentioned, as it continues to help many of our customers involved in iconic projects across the country. The Sikla siFramo modular steelwork solution has achieved an unparalleled level of flexibility for contractors both off site and on site. It is a revolutionising multi-functional and non-welding system which can be prefabricated off site and modified on site as required, taking full advantage of its unique one thread forming screw for all component connections.


These are just some of the great products and solutions we are excited to remark in this new catalogue, alongside everything else you will need, from fasteners and fixings to tools, or strut and hanging supports to consumables and safety.

The ACURA Group Product Catalogue Issue 3 is ready to be part of your ACURA Group solutions package, and ready to help you find innovative products and solutions that will save time, meet deadlines, and stay on budget.

The ACURA Group Product Catalogue Issue 3 is an expression of our journey, designed to help you through your journey.

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