Strut & Hanging Supports

We have the hanging solution for your next project, whether it’s conventional strut in various sizes; relevant accessories for hanging support; or innovative, cost and time saving solutions such as the Zip-Clip wire system.

With its high-tensile galvanized wire rope and effective, zinc alloy locking device, Zip-Clip is unmatched in versatility, ease of installation, aesthetics and cost efficiency. We say “finish work on Tuesday”.

Talk to us about your requirements regarding:

  • Strut

  • Cantilever Brackets

  • Strut Fittings

  • Pressix

  • siframo

  • Threaded Rod

  • Angle

  • Mounting Plates

  • Beam Clamps

  • Hangers and Clips

  • Zip-Clip

  • Wire and Chain

  • Gas Riser Supports

  • Welded Nutclips

  • Pipe Hangers

  • Pipe Hanger Accessories

  • Rubber Lined Nutclips

  • Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

  • Fire Service Clamps

  • Adjustable Allthread Clips

  • Stand Off Saddles

  • Stand Off Brackets

  • Stainless Clamps

  • Clip Heads

  • Strut Clips

  • Refrigeration Clips

  • Pipe Saddles

  • Ferrules

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