ACURA Group carries an extensive range of AU approved HVAC products, covering Air-conditioning, Mechanical - including heated and chilled water - and refrigeration. Our duct accessories are designed to ensure productivity and efficiency, and we’re always well stocked with air-conditioning ducting supplies like pipes and fittings, tubing accessories and anti-vibration hardware. Our products have all been carefully selected for their quality and effectiveness, while our solutions deliver significant HVAC efficiency by preserving air quality, reducing leaks and improving the durability of the duct work.

Talk to us about your requirements regarding:

  • Pressure PVC Fittings

  • Pressure PVC Pipe

  • Clear Vinyl Tubing

  • Hose Clamps

  • Spring Hanger Box Kits

  • Spring Hanger Kits

  • Hanger Box Springs

  • Hanger Boxes

  • Hanger Box Accessories

  • Neoprene Mounts

  • Seismic Mounts

  • Isolation Rubbers

  • Waffle Pads

  • Duct Hangers

  • Foam Tape

  • Protective Film

  • Duct Strapping

  • J Cleats

  • Register Springs

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