It’s a wooden Revolution  - SA’s First Timber Apartment Buildin

The warmth, diversity and sustainability of timber has long been celebrated in design, landscaping and small scale construction - but what about in the commercial construction sector?

‘Verde Apartments’ in Kent Town is the first project in South Australia to be constructed with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), and the second in Australia.

CLT is an engineered timber product using sustainably sourced timber, where layers are glued together with the grain alternating 90 degrees for each layer. Similar to Glue Laminated Timber (GLT or glulam) where each layer faces the same direction. 

CLT is being used for all load bearing walls, floors and ceilings, representing significant environmental benefits and is 25% the weight of concrete.

Acura supplied the plumbing contractor with a variety of products including vertigo hangers for timber, threaded rod, self locking nylon pipe clamp and isolation strips.

“Being part of such an innovative and industry changing build here in SA is truly special.” - Simon Joyce

As well as its ‘green’ credentials, CLT comes with a long list of additional benefits. CLT lends fantastically to being prefabricated with all penetrations for services and electrical routed in at factory stage.

Benefits of CLT:

• CLT is prefabricated, then assembled on-site

• Less wastage on site, being an engineered and prefabricated product

• Shorter and quieter construction time

• Recyclable

• Lightweight, only 1/5th the weight of reinforced concrete

• Reduced carbon footprint in manufacturing than concrete and steel

New changes to the National Construction Code 2019 allow buildings up to 25m tall of all classes to be constructed with timber building systems.

This code previously applied only to multi residential, hotel and office buildings - but has been opened up to include retail, aged care accommodation, schools and hospitals.

The age of timber buildings is well and truly here, with Australia’s first CLT manufacturing plant in Wodonga offering locally produced CLT since early 2018.

The potential of CLT is being explored and realised globally; presenting a future in commercial construction where architects and builders rely less on unsustainable materials, and can explore alternatives which further bridge the gap between nature and the built environ.

Talk to Acura now about low VOC materials and how we can supply to your green star builds.

Interesting Fact:

The current tallest wooden building is “HoHo“ in Vienna at 24 stories, surpassing “The Tree” - a 14 storey building in Norway. It probably won’t be long until HoHo is overlapped too!