Warehouse Update

Dean Carlton – DC Manager

Over the last 9 months the Distribution Centre at Acura has gone through a transformation to move it from good to great. Over 50% of the team are new additions in this time and bring with them a wealth of experience. The investment in the team underpins future growth.

Where machinery, foot and vehicle traffic and high stock levels are present, safety is of paramount importance. To date, no warehouse accidents have occurred.

Any near-misses are reported frequently so the team understands where potential hot spots are, and how we can mitigate the risk.

New team members, and especially those not familiar with a warehouse environment, are trained on proper conduct as part of the on-boarding process.

A very simple 5 S’s methodology is being followed.

• Sort

• Set in order

• Shine

• Standardise

• Sustain

The warehouse, team and processes are optimised to maximise customer service as business grows.

An efficient, well organised warehouse means:

• We take our teams health and safety very seriously.

• Greater visibility of stock

• Efficient and accurate order picking

• Improved customer service and experience.

• Space utilised effectively to hold higher stock levels for customers.