The New $535 million shipyard redevelopment paves way for future

The significant upgrade to infrastructure and facilities at the Osborne South Shipyard will ensure the site has the capacity and capability to support future ship building activity.

Acura is supplying plumbing contractors with a range of materials including hot dip galvanised and stainless steel materials, which withstand adverse environments.

The highest of the new structures will peak at just under 50m high. 


What’s to come?

The Osborne Naval Shipyard was confirmed as build location for the nations $50 billion future Submarine Program, with Australian Government committed to building 12 submarines. BAE Systems also won the $35 billion Hunter Class Frigate Program contract, with 9 Hunter Class Frigates to be built by subsidiary ASC Shipbuilding, and expected to enter service in the late 2020’s.


What else have we done in the area?

ASC Towers. Acura supplied specialist products Framo 80, Acura strut for piping support, and lighting hangers for the ASC Towers.

The 2 towers measure 6 storeys tall and run alongside the ship, allowing easy access to the vessel during construction – as well as support facilities, warehouse storage, offices, workshops and vital services like power and water. Read more here. 


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