NEW CUTTING EDGE DESIGN for superior suspension and support for all pipes

Our SUREFIX Rubber Lined Acoustic Pipe Clips feature built in insulation for sound proofing, and are ideal for securing and suspending PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel and PEX pipework.


Recommended for the suspension & support of stationary pipelines where noise reduction is required and are suitable for both horizontal & vertical applications.


  • Unique rubber design to prevent rolling and binding which allows pipe to slide on insulation
  • EPDM isolation rubber for sound reduction up tp 15Db (DIN4109)
  • High strength engineered Steel Profile Design
  • M8-M10 Combination Nut for connection
  • Plastic shake-proof washer prevents bolts falling out on insulation
  • Finish: 8-12 micron Electro-zinc plating
  • Designed to suit all pipes from 12mm to 168mm including PVC, HDPE, copper, steel and pex
  • Temperature rating from -50 °C up to +110 °C
  • Lined and unlined clamps available