The number 8 is said to be lucky in Chinese culture – but it was careful planning, design and execution that makes Tower 8 one of Adelaide’s most prestigious office buildings today.


Towering at an impressive 17 stories and offering over 37000sqm of office space, the largest office building in the CBD requires only the best in cutting edge building solutions; proving time and cost effective on this 195million dollar development.


Acura supplied a range of hanging products, ensuring the services are sorted in the ceiling for seismic requirements, HVAC suspension and electrical needs.


Acura’s recommendations provide improved site safety and best practice efficiency savings to the installation process. Our specialist products such as Zip Clip, and Framo 80 have been used in large-scale projects across the globe.


Did you know Adelaide has the highest earthquake hazard of any Australian Captial?*


Acura supplied seismic bracing, compliant with the AS1170.4 (Structural design actions – Earthquake actions in Australia.) Acura specialist products ensure building and assets are properly protected in multi-storey developments.


Along with seismic requirements, Acura also catered to the electrical, fire and HVAC industries, supplying ducting and cable tray supports and cast-in fire collars.


Tower 8 takes into account efficiency and sustainability, achieving a 5 star Green Star in both design and construction.


Like Tower 8, Acura products will stand the test of time – ensure compliancy and continue to be cost effective on time and installation.

We invest heavily in our R&D team to ensure we are at the forefront of cutting edge solutions, delivering the very best support systems in multi-storey developments.

Tower 8 Architect Impression