This month we write about Beau’s Pet Hotel, Guide Dog SA/NT’s social enterprise which directs profits straight back into Australia’s most trusted charity. If you’re not an animal lover we would forgive you for skipping, but if you’re one of the 68% of households that have a 4 legged companion in SA, read on.

4 paws and a tail wag = man’s best friend. Do 4 walls and a ceiling make a house or a home? The best answer we have for this, is that you cannot have a home without the foundation. You might think it’s just lengths of steel or cable supports, but without a support structure that can be relied on, the rest can fold in on itself!

Acura provides support solutions that are compliant to Australian building standards and can be trusted to stand the test of time and house the purpose of the project.

Every project fulfils a purpose, and Acura has been fortunate to be a part of some of Adelaide’s most significant undertakings. Officially, Acura gets services sorted in multi-storey building projects.

On a deeper level, Acura contributes to the foundation needed for that project to be able to fulfil its purpose. For Beau’s Pet Hotel, we supplied specialist product Zip-Clip, slotted strut and angle, and threaded rod.

Our specialist range of time and labour-saving products are carefully considered and recommended by our team. We are 100% dedicated to delivering quality service and solutions across the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire and seismic trades.

Whether the purpose is to house our 4 legged friends at Beau’s Pet Hotel, or 600 researchers at SAHMRI, our team delivers on its promise every time, on time. We are across SA with 5 delivery runs per day, keeping our customers on time and budget.

Beau’s Pet Hotel is named after “Beau,” the very first formally trained Guide Dog in Australia; paying homage to history, the spread of an innovative idea that improves quality of life and providing for the future all in one. At Acura, we feel like that’s a pretty good purpose to get behind!

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 beau-s Pet Hotel Exterior