The new Royal Adelaide Hospital spans the equivalent of three city blocks and contains almost 4 hectares of landscaped parks and gardens. What lies beneath the surface is a carefully designed and executed technologically advanced facility - one of the nations best in complex clinical care.

It was therefore a natural fit to be part of the construction process, with Acura supplying the best in innovative support systems to this flagship facility.

With services travelling up and down and across 9 levels at nRAH, the support needs of the electrical, HVAC, seismic and fire protection sectors is vast. Acura has the breadth of range and expertise, supplying specialist products like the ZipClip and Framo 80 for support solutions.

The ZipClip is one of the easiest locking hanging solutions available, whilst the Framo 80 is far more versatile than it’s welded structure counterparts, providing on-site flexibility. It is so good in fact, that we supplied 12km worth!

At Acura, we provide time and cost effective products, getting the services sorted in multi-storey developments.

For every one of the 800 beds at nRAH, we supplied 6.5 fire collars - totalling to over 5000 collars! To combat seismic risk, we also supplied solid seismic supports.

“For large and complicated builds, only the best in support solutions will do. We helped to implement the world standard in seismic support at nRAH,” says Simon Joyce, Acura Sales Director.

The new nRAH represents innovative advances in modern medicine, and the importance of progress and change to offer better services. At Acura, we invest heavily in our R&D team, who work relentlessly to source the very best in certified cutting edge support solutions to make sure you are ahead of the game.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital being built

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital being built