Acura Group is proud to have supplied contractors responsible for the creation of urban space Plant4 (the old Clipsal building) and Park Central Apartments, with innovative products and custom solutions.

Things on building sites can move quite quickly, and the Bowden precinct is no exception. A hive of activity, contractors benefited from Acura’s “5 runs a day” delivery service, often placing multiple orders within one day. Our clients trust Acura to get the right materials to them, when they need them.

Bowden is one of the most environmentally sustainable communities in the nation, due to its minimum 5 star green star rating across all news builds and spaces.
It is a prime example of the perfect marriage between vision and execution. At Acura, we invest in your goal, supplying the best in quality and labour saving products, providing ongoing technical support and engineer drawings if needed, to ensure compliancy.

For the Bowden precinct, Acura supplied a range of specialist products including Acura strut, Vibratrol, fire collars, pipe lagging and an assortment of bits, bolts, nuts and screws. Effectively covering the fire, seismic, plumbing and electrical trades, clients can rely on Acura to have the complete solution.

Quality is at the forefront of Acura products. Acura strut was independently tested in Melbourne at Bureau Veritas - a world leader in testing and inspection of steel integrity and composition, including carbon content.

We invest heavily in our research and development team, to have the very best products to keep our client’s projects on time and budget.

Feel inspired at Bowden and supported by Acura. We get the services sorted in multi-storey projects.

Bowden Precinct Plant4