The ASC is an integral part of Australia’s maritime strategy, being the largest specialised defence ship building organisation in Australia with unparalleled naval design and engineering resources. Having recently completed their third Air Warfare Destroyer Sydney here in Osborne, Adelaide – you can see across their digital presence the pride and importance they place on their workforce and their shared successes.

It is all about the team, and at Acura we support each other, celebrate successes and always put growth at the forefront. A strong internal network means we can offer the very best in customer service, technical support and customised solutions.

Acura supplied specialist products Framo 80, Acura strut for piping support, and lighting hangers for the ASC Towers. The 2 towers measure 6 storeys tall and run alongside the ship, allowing easy access to the vessel during construction – as well as support facilities, warehouse storage, offices, workshops and vital services like power and water.

Pictured: Framo 80 Technical drawing supplied for the common services pipe work rack at ASC towers. 

Technical Drawing - Framo 80 supplied by Acura for the common services pipe work rack

Pragmatic, the ASC towers are a successful fulfillment of the customers needs. At Acura, this is what we are about – looking at what the customer needs to achieve and providing the best solution to do just that. Our customer service does not end with the stock delivery; our team will work with you, conduct site visits, solve problems and provide ongoing technical advice. Having high stock levels on hand means we can fulfil urgent requests, keeping projects on time and budget.

When you work with Acura, you work with passionate and knowledgeable people who truly care about the success of your project; supplying time and budget solutions that get services sorted.  


To learn more about ASC, follow the link below:

ASC Support Towers