Product of the Month - Snap Fire Collars

The Silent Fireman

Where a building element is penetrated by a service, fire collars are installed around pipes/cables/etc to ensure the fire resistance level (FRL) of the element where the services passes through is not compromised. 


Cast in fire collars are designed to be secured to the formwork for a concrete slab, prior to the concrete bring poured.

Once the concrete is poured, the collar creates a void, so services can penetrate in multi level builds.

Retrofit collars are designed to be mounted underneath the slab or onto a wall after construction.



• Use an innovative spring and mesh system, which offers better resistance than traditional collars which rely on intumescent material.



• nRAH. Over 5000 fire collars were supplied to the new build

• Frome Central

• Adelaide Airport

• Realm Apartments

• “One“ On the Park

• And many, many more!


The Acura Range

Acura stocks cast in and retrofit collars in various sizes, profiles and applications including stack and floor waste.

Stack Applications: kitchen sink, basin, laundry sink, plumbing stack.

Ensure you’re compliant

Snap fire collars are compliant to standard AS 4072.1.1  and AS1530.4.

Incorrect installation, tampering or compromised collars will affect compliance - Acura can provide technical advice on correct installation and how to avoid other common mistakes.

Stack and floor waste collars are tested differently. Not sure which one you need to be compliant on site? CALL US NOW.