March heralds the start of autumn and that means that the shadows will soon draw longer as the days become shorter. Before you know it, natural light will become scarce at both ends of the day.

Lack of light can be a real problem during a building fit-out. Low visibility can result in build mistakes and, in the worst case scenario, unsafe work environments. 

The Acura iBeamie Light might be exactly what you need to keep your projects productive and safe!

The Acura iBeamie Light is a 20W, rechargeable, LED, high-performance light that is as durable as it is functional. Generating up to an amazing 2200 lumens of brightness (which is twice that of a similar sized traditional light) it gives you the light that you need to keep working when it is dark outside. 

Sorting the services in the ceiling cavity can often leave you working in the dark.  The Acura iBeamie Light helps sort that problem and allows you to continue to work efficiently and safely.

Making dark spaces light is a great help in improving safety in itself but the Acura iBeamie Light goes one step further. Being rechargeable, you don’t need power cords running through your work space just to power the lights. That removes a significant trip hazard – and that has to be good!

Made from strong modern materials and utilising leading-edge LED technology, the Acura iBeamie Light is extremely durable. It features a slim-line design, has a long running time without recharging, is highly portable and, without halogen globes, presents a reduce spark risk. It is IP67 rated and comes with a 24 month warranty, for construction site use! 

Take a look at the incredible photos and videos, and witness the resilience of this truely amazing new product, just arrived and in stock, ready to be shipped to your worksite!


Video 1 - Destruction Test: CLICK HERE