Specially designed to make suspending services from concrete quicker and easier, the anchor can be used in both cracked and un-cracked concrete. With the use of a sleeve adaptor and driver socket, easily install anchors without having to swap out drill bits.


• M10 threaded pipe supports

• HVAC ductwork installation

• Cable tray installation


 This Male Thread Concrete Screw fixing, allows fast installation for welded nut clips and rubber lined clips. The 20mm of exposed thread means the bracket can be attached easily without the need of cutting a short section of threaded rod and deburring and then installing, as required when using a female concrete screw.


Suspending from concrete?

This is will make your life a whole lot easier.

1 Drill, 4 easy steps:

1. Drill the hole into concrete.

2. Slip the sleeve adapter over the bit.

3. Insert the driver socket

4. Insert threaded anchor

GIF showing how it works.