Soundflex Acoustic Lagging

In-ceiling plumbing from the floor above can represent a distasteful acoustic hazard. Nobody wants to hear the rush of waste water being flushed through the ceiling! Yet acoustic treatment can be reasonably simple. Pipes can be wrapped in acoustic material to adsorb the noise of moving liquid and hydraulic vibration.

Noise is likely to be significant at turning points; where fluids change direction or fall from one level to another.

Soundflex acoustic lagging is a multi-layer material specifically designed to help adsorb unwanted noise being transmitted from in-ceiling plumbing.

Foil is bonded to a dense black rubber “wave bar“ forming a “trade tough“ outer protection. This is bonded to an open cell foamSounflex Acoustic Lagging - Acura that is formed in a convoluted wave pattern. This combination of acoustic absorption material encased in an outer barrier to “lock in“ the noise, work together to deliver the acoustic performance.

The main benefit of this product can be found in its ease of installation. Coming in rolls of 1200mm wide and 3000mm long, the material can be easily wrapped around the plumbing and taped in place. Ease-of-use is important in often restricted or difficult to reach places in the ceiling space. This is where the SoundFlex product comes to the fore. The roll-sheet format even makes the acoustic treatment of elbow bends manageable.

SoundFlex is fully compliant to Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements, is fire rated and acoustic rated.

Soundflex Acoustic Lagging - Acura Product