Acura Strut

Acura strut comes in solid, slotted or back to back formats, 40mm wide and 20mm or 40mm high. Acura’s breadth of range means no matter how big or small the project, Acura has a complete solution.

The Acura strut was independently tested in Melbourne at Bureau Veritas - a world leader in testing and inspection of steel integrity and composition, including carbon content. We ensure we supply our customers with top quality, reliable products that you can put your trust in.

The Acura strut is designed as a complete system solution. Our customers can benefit from a whole system in one place, with technical advice from our knowledgable team. 


Pictured: Slotted Acura Strut in action at the Flinders University

Building at Tonsley Innovation District. Acura strut seen here

supporting pipework, along with Acura products threaded rod,

pipe clamps and insulation.     



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