The Acura product of the month is Fyrewrap which is in stock and ready for immediate delivery now!

Fyrewrap is a foil faced material which can be used to help provide fire rating to dots, fan enclosures, kitchen exhausts, critical services, penetration sills and structural steel elements. It comes in a blanket form that can be rolled out and installed easily. It incorporates a lightweight and high-temperature thermal insulation material wrapped in foil with a fiberglass reinforced scrim delivering handling strength in the Installation process.

When installed in accordance with the installation instructions, Fyrewrap will deliver fire resistance test compliance to AS/NZS 1530.4-2014.

We love Fyrewrap because it helps our customers deliver fire safety compliance much easier and cleaner that other alternative solutions. With Fyrewrap, there is no need to spray ductwork or cable trays with materials that make a massive amount of mess. It is a clean install that saves our customers a lot of time and it is a much more cost effective solution for them.

Once it is installed, Fyrewrap is durable and easily repaired (or replaced) if damaged by other people in the build and fit-out process.

Fire safety is a hot topic in the building game at the moment so it is important to know what you’re doing. This is where Acura can help you with the Fyrewrap product. We can provide you with full on-site training and technical data backup. You can call us for advice anytime you need it.

Acura has already supplied thousands of square meters of Fyrewrap to South Australian projects including the Convention Centre, Air 7000, and St Andrews Hospital.

We love Fyrewrap because it gets the services sorted in the ceiling for our customers and it does things differently. It is clean, quick and durable!


Fyrewrap in action