Rod Lock Strut Nut

The Rod Lock strut nut brings together the strut channel and threaded rod in perfect time and cost saving harmony. Easily installed in strut profiles without the need to insert fingers or tools into the strut, the nut features an easy “push to install” mechanism. An internal spring loaded threaded wedge rotates securely into the strut, locking the nut in place.

The rod lock strut nut provides fast universal attachment of threaded rod. It’s best feature? Speed of installation. Instead of labouredly threading rod through, you now simply push it through the rod-lock and secure it in place, reducing install time and labour costs.

Fantastic for the electrical and HVAC/mechanical industries, this simple solution revolutionises how contractors support conduit, lights, cable trays, duct working and pipe, just to name a few. Installation is faster, easier and more secure.

The system is also great for multi-level trapeze assemblies, allowing for quick adjustment, as well as prefabricated assemblies.


Pictured: Multi-level trapeze assembly, using the rod lock nut strut with threaded rod to support 2 tiers of tray and piping. The assembly can be pre-fabricated at ground level, and then put in place easily - simply push onto threaded rod and instantly locks.    

Rod Lock Trapeze Assembly


 Great features of the Rod Lock Strut Nut

• No loose parts
• No special tools needed for installation
• “Push to install” design
• Integrated locking nut, can be finger tightened
• Much faster than conventional fasteners
• Works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on threaded rod


The rod lock strut nut is part of a larger Rod Lock family, including Rod Lock beam clamps and anchor screws. Visit our showroom at 10 Selgar Avenue, Tonsley to see the system in action and how it can save you time and money on your projects. 


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