Last month we introduced our newsletter readers to the Acura iBeamie Light. Customer feedback has been fantastic. They just love it.

Having adequate, reliable and appropriate light is really important during a building fit-out. Low visibility can result in build mistakes and unsafe work environments. The Acura iBeamie Light can help you keep your projects productive and safe!

The Acura iBeamie Light is a 20W, rechargeable, LED, high-performance light that is as durable as it is functional. Generating up to an amazing 2200 lumens of brightness (which is twice that of similar sized traditional lights) gives you the light that you need to keep working when it is dark outside.

It makes good sense to have good lighting on your site and Acura iBeamie Light can be used to address dark spots in the existing lighting on site. We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves, our employees and other contractors safe on site. Addressing dark spots is important from a safety perspective. Being rechargeable, you don’t need extension cords running through your work space just to power the lights. That removes a significant trip hazard which also helps keep people safe!

Made from strong modern materials and utilising LED technology, the Acura iBeamie Light is extremely durable. It features a slim-line design, has a long running time without recharging, is highly portable and, without halogen globes, presents a reduced spark risk. It is IP67 rated and comes with a 24 month warranty for construction site use!

The Acura iBeamie Light is in stock now!


Video: Destruction Test: CLICK HERE