There’s a lot of expansion happening at Monarto, and we’re not talking about the new additions like the baby Rhino calf named “Imani“ recently born at Monarto Zoo!

Next door, a 250m long shed is under construction to house the $71 million expansion of Costa’s Adelaide Mushroom Farm; doubling production capacity to 240 tonnes per week.

Expected to create 200 jobs during construction, and another 200 ongoing, this project is another healthy injection into SA’s economy, reflecting the growing confidence in the state’s food and wine sector.

Acura is working closely with key plumbing Contractor Westside Plumbing, for the support of 5 pipe lines, including steam, hot water and chilled water totalling 1250 metres.

“Being part of such a unique project requires thinking outside the square. We are providing custom solutions and ongoing technical support as the build develops and project needs change,” says Simon Joyce - Sales Director.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS provided, saving the Monarto Mushroom Farm Project on time and budget.

1. Framo 80. Innovative modular heavy duty framing solution which can be easily assembled on-site without welding or special tools, or prefabricated for you in the Acura warehouse.

2. 160 custom made pipe brackets to fit the steam pipe, allowing for secure fixing whilst allowing room around the pipe for airflow. Standard pipe clamps would not be suitable for piping carrying hot steam.

3. Keeping budget in mind, Acura presented a cost saving solution for support, combining Framo 80 with Acura Strut. This significantly reduces wastage of offcuts from Framo 80.

4. Framo 80 beams are precut at Acura headquarters into 3m lengths, saving time on-site for installers.


Cost Saving Support Solution

Keeping budget in mind, Acura presented a cost saving solution for support, combining Framo 80 with Acura Strut. This reduces wastage of Framo 80. Framo 80 comes in 6m lengths, with the services length needing support totalling 3,700mm.

Therefore, wastage on Framo would be significant, as each 6m length is cut to 3m, leaving 2.3m left over. Acura came up with a cost saving solution; cutting Framo 80 into half into 3m lengths, reducing wastage to 0, and adding a 3700mm strut channel to support the outermost pipes.

“Not every build is going to be straight forward. What works for one, may not work for another. We work with our project managers on a case by case basis to provide custom solutions that uphold the Acura promise; of providing innovative solutions that keep projects on time and budget.“ Simon Joyce, Sales Director

Talk to us now about prefabrication options, and save even more time on-site.