Jesse is our Supply Chain Manager; connecting customers to materials and delivering solutions for projects.

The Supply Chain Manager plays a vital role within the business, underpinning our commitment to continual growth and innovation as existing supplier relationships are strengthened and new suppliers and products are sourced and delivered to market.

“It’s great to be part of a growing business - you get the high level of care of a family run company coupled with the forward thinking mentality that makes a real difference for our customers.“ 

Jesse works closely with the Distribution Centre and Sales Teams, ensuring smooth end to end processes behind the scenes. This level of coordination takes serious skill, something we think Jesse started building early on in his very first job as an Usher at Hoyts in Tea Tree Plaza. Popcorn, anyone?

Having grown up in the North Eastern foothills of Adelaide, Jesse would take a brisk walk up Anstey Hill over a hot day at the beach any day! Whilst the majority of our team is already pining for Summer again, Jesse is happy the colder weather is rolling in. In his down time, his favourite destination is the Flinders Rangers, a great spot to pitch a tent and enjoy time with the family.

With consistently high fill rates, Jesse’s best customer service advice is to ‘simply doing what was promised.“

And Jesse’s favourite quote? It’s on the enthusiastic side...

“Don’t think, DO! Don’t think, don’t hope, DO SOMETHING!”

- John Kennedy Snr, Hawthorn Coach

A passionate Hawks supporter, when not sourcing quality products for Acura customers, you will find Jesse on the oval with his dogs having a kick of the footy.