Meet the Team - Diana Davidovic

Diana is our Marketing Communications Manager, often seen with a camera in hand, a smile on her face and a creative idea forming!
As the role name suggests, Diana looks after Acura’s communications strategy (including this newsletter!)

With a passion for communication and story telling, it’s no surprise that Diana’s favourite classes at school were English and Art.
“From a young age I also loved to read - I would sit and turn pages for hours, investing in a good story. I also grew up playing chess at national level, so for me a role that combines my passion for communication, creative design and strategy is a dream come true!”

It’s applying this passion and level of care to what you do that she believes makes all the difference between good and exceptional customer service.

“The message we want to communicate is that Acura is here for you; you can be confident in our customer service and products to keep things moving onsite. We put people first, are problem solvers and are genuine in our approach.“

Like any construction site, you start with careful planning and a solid foundation. Acura builds from the inside out, ensuring we invest in a team in harmony with our values of honesty, loyalty, humility and excellence. 

We are a team that works together to make your experience and journey with Acura the best it can be.

Diana’s favourite business quote?
“How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.“

Diana’s favourite life quote?
“Love the life you live. Live the life you love“ - Bob Marley.