Joining the team in October 2018, Dean Carlton took on the role of Distribution Centre Manager; managing our 4000sqm warehouse.

Traveling over 10,000 miles from friends and family in the UK to embark on a new adventure, Dean and his family decided to call Adelaide home, chasing their love for long Summers and balmy nights. 

When asked what he enjoys the most about his role at Acura he replied this it is the ability he has to ‘make a difference to the standards and people’s approaches, in order to grow individuals and the business’ – spoken like a truly passionate leader.

In true Dean style, he ventured outside his comfort zone and took on a new challenge – moving away from the world of food distribution, and into the world of building support systems.

Whilst in the UK, he oversaw the biggest bakery dispatch operation in Europe – dispatching over 3 million units per week to 1100 drop points per day.

Dean understands the importance of getting the right stock to our customers on-site in a timely and efficient manner, as it is vital to meeting project time-frames and budgets.

Dean’s desire to constantly challenge himself, showing his commitment to company excellence, goes far beyond his role here at Acura. Despite being anti-heights, he would love to venture to the top of the Burj Khalifa – the worlds tallest building.

So it comes at no surprise that the best business advice Dean has received is to never accept the status quo – always strive for greatness!