Emily Smith - Acura Sales Administrator

Emily Smith, Acura Sales Administrator

Emily Smith had arguably the best seat in the house, first joining the team at Acura as Senior Receptionist. In quick recognition of Emily’s efficiency and attention to detail, Emily took the opportunity to become the Acura Sales Administrator; a vital role supporting a growing sales team and delivering exceptional customer service.


Growing up along the beach side in beautiful Victor Harbour, Emily is a massive fan of the outdoors. Having recently moved back from Northern NSW, she says she would love to have brought the climate back with her.


“Hotter, for longer would be perfect, it’s the kind of weather that gets people outdoors and energised.” Going hand in hand with a hot Summer’s day is a nice cooling ice-cream, and Emily’s first job was at Wendys – a pretty ideal scenario really.


As Emily’s career advanced, she says the greatest lesson her parents gave her is that balance in life is key; hard work is rewarding, but ensure you make time for the people you love and the hobbies and dreams you want to pursue.


High on Emily’s “to learn“ list is to skydive solo, and her biggest passions in life are travel and family (preferably together!).


In an increasingly fast paced world, Emily brings a sense of calmness and understanding to her role. It’s no surprise then that the best business advice Emily has received is to simply love what you do and know why you do it.


She highlights the importance of knowing why you do what you do and what drives you to achieve your goals.


“When you know the why, your actions become so much more determined and purposeful.”

We asked Emily what most excites her about Acura’s future and, spoken like the truly passionate person she is, she responded with the opportunities we have as a company to supply to all commercial building sites across SA.

“It’s exciting to see how much commercial construction is happening around Adelaide, and when you drive around and know Acura materials are in those buildings – that’s a great feeling. Every space has a purpose, whether it’s providing homes, medical treatment or a place for people to relax and retire – and it’s very rewarding to be able to help our customers fulfil that.”