Safe Smart Access Platform Ladders

Improper use of ladders can very quickly become a losing balancing act with devastating consequences. Reach new heights in safety with our Safe Smart Access platform ladders. Whilst light weight, our Safe Smart Access range eliminates the use of plastic top parts which usually break. Providing a stable platform from which to work, rather than a 2 inch wide rung from which to balance. Of special note, is the fully welded rear cross-bracing, which adds rigidity, extra safety and stability.

Aside from the risk of personal injury, the cost to businesses for work-cover and time off makes this issue too great to ignore. Invest in our Safe Smart Access platform ladder today. Acura has a full range of safety products in stock.

Call us on 1300 750 750 for all your gear to be safe and compliant on-site.

Safe Platform ladder Acura


Acura Utility Cases

The ultimate storage solution for all the nuts and bolts! With two removable panels with handles, take the small stuff with you without having to carry the entire case!

Customisable dividers - move, remove, make compartments smaller or larger depending on what you need!
Only $59.95 through Acura Group! (case only)

Acura Handy Utility Case