Industrial Wipes for a Good Cause


Struggled to remove chemical and industrial dirt and grime? These wipes are large, strong and effective on the most stubborn oil, paint, grease and ink. Designed for people and surfaces, these wipes are the perfect clean up solution on site.

Remove industrial grease, dirt, silicone, oil, PU glue, expanding foam and paints easily. Collect as you wipe, don’t just push stuff around! The tough packaging will stand up to any worksite environment and is 100% recyclable.

• 100 huge wipes per pack, super soft, strong and absorbent.
• Safe to use on all surfaces, including skin!
• Alcohol free with vitamin E and aloe extract
• Perfect for construction sites, automotive, home renovations, recreation like BBQ’s - the list is endless!

Proceeds from the sale of Ultra Grime hand wipes are directed back into the Rapid Relief Team, a global charitable organisation.

RRT offers emergency support, serving communities in crisis and offering compassion and shelter. Their most recent movement is Operation Drought Relief, providing much needed relief to farmers and their families.

BUY A PACK OF ULTRA GRIME WIPES FOR $33+GST AND SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE. Call us on 1300 750 750 and add a pack to your next order. 

To learn more about the vital work of RRT, visit