Cable Tray


rical wiring must get from one place to another – have you considered cable trays?

Cable trays are gaining favour amongst builders for their wiring flexibility, simplicity and lower installation costs. The units, or assembly of units form a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables.

The ladder cable tray is a great solution for large cables and comes in 3m lengths. Adaptable to complex configurations, there are many cost saving and design reasons to use the ladder tray.

  • Multiple widths available to increase cable fill capacity
  • Unique ladder design allows a cable to enter or exit the tray anywhere along the trays route
  • Potential installation cost savings with less components needed than other wiring systems
  • Changes in design or engineering are easily accommodation by the cable tray system
  • Lower risk of damage to cabling, as it isn’t being pulled through conduit systems

Armaflex FRV - Stop Press!!!


Engineered to prevent condensation and energy losses, this closed cell insulation material is made from nitrile rubber. The Armaflex is the perfect insulation solution for plumbing, heating systems,

Chilled water lines, refrigerant pipes and process pipelines. FRV is tested and certified to the fire performance standards required by the National Construction Code and New Zealand building code.

  • Complies with AS/NZS 4859.1 insulation standard
  • Fire-tested for vertical pipe chases to NFPA 274
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) GreenStar Rated – Zero ozone depleting gases!

Fire Colars


Insist on Snap fire collar to protect lives and your investment. Offering uncompromised fire resistance of building elements penetrated by a service, such as piping.

What sets the Snap fire collar apart from others is the spring and mesh system. Other collars rely solely on an intumescent material which, when exposed to heat, swells and eventually closes the opening.

The Snap system ensures the pipe is closed very quickly, more definitively and resists shockwaves better than an intumescent only collar.

  • Cast in and retrofit fire collars available
  • Superior to intumescent only collars
  • B.C.A compliant
  • Tested in Accordance with AS1530.4 & AS4072.1