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Quality Support Solutions - Acura Group has the solution for you when it comes to making a framing system that will cut time and save you money. This is a simple bolt together system, that needs no nuts and can be cut on site and assembled with an impact driver.

Easy is the word when it comes to the frame system!

Framo 80 has revolutionised support structures for services by providing the first real alternative to welding structural framework for supporting weights.

As a multi-functional, non-welded support system for the modular construction of framing solutions, this amazing product simply screws together, eliminating the need of drilling, bolting and welding, effectively preventing on-site delays through its pre-galvanised finish and fully engineered computations.

Lightweight, robust and incredibly versatile, this innovative system is designed to provide high torsional resistance, allowing for durable structural support framework in the construction, mining and process industries.

  • Non-welded modular steelwork
  • Higher performance / lower weight of steel
  • Maximum flexibility, minimum installation time
  • Frame and module assembly modifications can be made quickly on site with no loss of time, cut-outs or re-works
  • Non-welded modular steelwork
  • Parts are reusable after disassembly
  • One thread forming screw for all component connections
  • Compatible with other installation systems
  • High corrosion resistance as standard
  • C5 coatings available on request
  • Up to 80% lighter when aligned with comparable steelwork profiles

Acura can provide designs and drawings for any project that include weight and seismic calculations.

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Acura has had huge involvement in pre fabrication design and this was demonstrated in an innovative solution provided at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (NRAH). A seismically approved common support frame (CSF) for all trades was designed and successfully installed for all corridors in this large $2.4 Billion dollar project.

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