Stainless Steel Angle

A highly versatile and specialist product, the stainless steel angle is designed as a premium outdoor product. Its key benefit is the ability to withstand adverse conditions and environments, offering better corrosion resistance than its galvanised counterparts. For this reason, Acura recently supplied stainless steel angle to the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre in Marion, due to its ability to withstand the chlorine in the air due to pools.

  • Grade 316 stainles steel


Blue Cat - Coated Catenery Wire

The Acura BlueCat Catenery Wire is an easy to use, safe to install product. The key benefit of the Acura BlueCat Catenery wire is the PVC coating. This provides insulation against stray currents, as well as containing loose wires which can often cause injury during installation. Overall, this wire provides flexibility and high resistance to corrosion.

  • 2mm 6 x 7 Fibre Core PVC Coated Catenery Wire
  • Available in 500m or 1000m rolls
  • Large stock numbers at great prices



Square Base cantilever Bracket

There are several benefits to the square base on a cantilever bracket, rather than its standard rectangle base brackets. Firstly, the square base offers a larger surface area with 4 unique secure points, rather than 2. This offers additional seismic properties, with additional protection in the event of an earthquake. 

  • Engineered to be compliant with AS1170.4 *subject to engineer sign off