Seismic snake pro fixings, threaded rod quality and plumbing silicone sealant.

Snake Pro Fixings

A great alternative to drop in anchors into uncracked and cracked concrete! The Snake Pro anchor is an internally threaded, self tapping screw anchor.

• Easy installation with impact torque wrench, perfect for overhead applications
• Anchor can be removed if needed, after installation
• After installation, you can then install threaded rod, set screws or bolts supporting huge loads.

Contact us now for loads and technical specification sheets.
Snake Pro anchors come in a kit with correct drill bit and setting tool for installation (pictured).


Threaded Rod - The Importance of Quality

The supply of undersized threaded rod is unfortunately a common occurrence from suppliers who buy “cheap and nasty” imported product. Although most steel products are imported there are many quality grades.

Low quality threaded rod can be recognised by lighter weight, loose nuts, increased thread projection and decreased major diameter measurements.

One of Acura’s leading principles is compliance and we take this very seriously. Our threaded rod has an OD(major diameter) of 9.72-9.94mm and is of the highest quality made for the UK and European markets, meeting AS1275 standard.

Inferior threaded rod has been found to measure 9.1-9.3mm and this creates serious risk of failure when supporting overhead loads. We cannot afford to compromise on quality.

Acura threaded rod is available in a range of sizes, zinc plated, galvanised or in grades 304 & 316 stainless steel, perfect for a range of applications. We can also cut rod in house to length, saving you time onsite.


Acura Plumbing Silicone Sealant

Premium quality, neutral cure sealant designed for general plumbing use and roofing, guttering, flashing, wall cladding, rainwater accessories and PVC plastic fittings.

• +/- 25% joint movement capability.