Metal Saw Blades

Acura stocks a range of saw blades to cater for any cutting job.
Next time you need to cut through strut lengths, consider using Acura Steel & Stainless Reinforced cutting discs.

  • Endurance blades featuring C3 grade micro ground carbide teeth. 
  • Circular saw blade with vibration damping, reducing heat, spark and noise for cleaner, smoother, burr free cuts. 
  • Vacuum brazed treatment to provide maximum strength

metal saw blades, acura


Gassless Dewalt Nail Gun

Introducing the Cordless, Brushless, Concrete angled nailer. The first battery tool able to drive 13mm nails into steel, as well as up to 57mm into concrete.

  • Gas free operation. Runs on 18V XR battery.
  • Comparable speed to gas nailer.
  • Dual LEDs illuminate work surface. 
  • Returns driver is tool is stalled or jammed.

Gassless Dewalt Nail Gun


Slotted Angle

Slotted angle presents a versatile, easy to use framework solution. With equal slots in increments, there is no need to drill your own holes - saving time and avoiding messy holes and mistakes.

  • Can be used in conjunction with complete strut framework solution. 
  • Easily adaptable on the go due to pre-drilled slots.

Acura Slotted Angle


Thermal Freeze Glove

A favourite in the cold, this thrermal freeze glove provides great protection from the elements, but does not hinder flexibility or dexterity! Stay warm on the job without compromise, with a nitrile foam palm providing super grip.

  • Level 3 Cut Resistance
  • Level 4 Abrasion Resistance (highgest level according to En388 standards) 
  • Heavy duty terry lining for extra warmth

Thermal Freeze Gloves