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Zip‑Clip is the strong, stylish, sensible, high-spec suspension solution. If you automatically think of using rigid threaded bars to solve your HVAC, electrical, mechanical and signage suspension needs, you may want to think again. The Zip‑Clip system, based on a simple yet highly effective locking mechanism, is easier to handle, simpler to install and brings far more versatility.

With the unique ingenious design, high-tensile galvanized wire rope is used in conjunction with a zinc alloy locking device, housing an oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge that engages first time. As a result, Zip‑Clip offers the surest, easiest locking solution available.

Consultant engineers and architects who want more control over aesthetics and installation costs can turn to a swift, stylish solution without compromising on either strength or safety.

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Zip-Clip wire rope systems can be utilised for hanging systems, bracing systems, securing, cateneries and much more.

Sectors within the construction industry where Zip-Clip supports are being used successfully:

  • - Retail – shopping centres and Cinemas
  • - Commercial – hotels, offices fit outs
  • - Industrial - factories
  • - Education – schools and universities
  • - Food processing
  • - Medical – hospitals

Within these sectors Zip-Clip is typically used for:

  • - Electrical containment installations
  • - Mechanical containment installations
  • - Heating ventilation & a/c installations
  • - Seismic bracing
  • - Acoustic ceilings

Acura is able to offer a free of charge Zip-Clip Drawing Calculation Service.

Step 1: E-mail your drawing to [email protected]
Step 2: Our technical department will contact you with a few simple questions
Step 3: A full recommendation and quotation will follow. A unique project drawing number will be issued for reference.

The Acura Zip-Clip Drawing Calculation Service is proving to be a big success with contractors, like for example with the Hatfield and Hindhead road tunnels for the suspension of a linear heat detection cable. A solution was required as the linear cable did not travel in a straight line due to the ventilation and lighting equipment in its path. Zip-Clip was able to develop a bespoke low carbon stainless steel solution designed for this harsh environment that could be installed quickly with minimum disruption.

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