Ben Eckersley - IT Support Specialist

A basketball coach, home renovator and lover of IT, Ben is a man of many talents and diverse interests!

Ben joins us at Acura in a vital position as IT Support Specialist. In an increasingly fast paced world where technology changes and develops daily, Ben ensures our internal IT operations are ahead of the game.

Ben describes the IT world as a “massive industry with massive opportunities.”

“IT provides the latest in technology to ensure speed of service delivery.” Ingrained in every day life, examples include the rise of online shopping, digital consumption (think social media), and ‘cloud’ networking. It is imperative as a business that we have the latest technology capabilities, to continue to serve our customers to a high standard.

Ben brings over 20 years of experience with a passion for researching and implementing new systems and practices to increase efficiencies.

“Innovation“ is a term you hear often, and a common theme across the construction industry. At Acura, we provide innovative products that get services sorted in the ceiling, and save on labour costs and installation time. Why? Because we understand our customers need the best in service and material, to be successful on site.

As a keen home-renovator, Ben has definitely come to the right place for inspiration! Acura looks after the plumbing, electrical, HVAC and fire services trades in multi-storey developments.

A lover of historical architecture, Ben looks past modern icons like the Shard in London (our CEO’s favourite building) in favour of buildings steeped in history, like the Acropolis of Athens. Barcelona is next on Ben’s holiday to-do list, to visit the famous Sagrada Familia.

Where would you find Ben when he’s not immersed in the IT world? Either shooting hoops, or on the beach with a bucket of hot chips enjoying the sunshine with the family.

Now that’s what we call balance.

Ben - IT Support Specialist for Acura Group