GARTH - Sales Consultant 

“One day I picked up a vehicle after it had been serviced”, explains Garth Hack, business development manager at Acura Group. “I couldn’t believe it. As I drove home, the vehicle broke down. It had only just been serviced! I called the people who serviced the vehicle and the service manager personally picked me up and took me home. Now that’s what I call good customer service. And the fact that I’m telling you the story now is proof of how much it impressed me”.

Acura Group provides pipe and cable support systems for the multi-storey building industry; getting the services sorted in the ceiling including plumbing, air conditioning, fire services and electrical. But Garth doesn’t sell products, his focus is the customer service that Acura pack into the customer relationships.
“Someone once gave me some great advice”, he says. “Do so much for the prospective customer that they couldn’t go elsewhere.”

Garth believes that the Acura difference is all in the support that they provide. Acura Group has dedicated stock on hand that can be speedily delivered to the customer’s site via a dedicated delivery service with 5 runs a day. An ongoing commitment to R&D means that Acura has done the hard work for the customer, providing innovative products that are easy to use, cutting installation cost out of the process. To all of this, Acura products are backed up with expert technical assistance and compliance support so that customers can have confidence.

“To some extent, I do phone sales and project follow up”, he says. “But really, we become a valued and trusted partner in our customer’s project”.

Acura helps customers find products that they need to deliver their project within timescale, budget and specification. Safety is paramount and Acura can help them with specification safety compliance, seismic standards, fire approvals and vibration control.

“There are a lot of business development people out there that do a lot of talking. We really focus on listening to you and understanding your requirements”.

In life and business, sometimes it is the little things that matter. Acura works hard at doing things differently to make business better. Garth is really committed to this idea – and he is not just talking about the legendary Acura Choc Jam Delights!

And if Garth had to nominate one building as a “bucket-list” building, what would it be? He would nominate One World Trade Centre or “Freedom Tower” as it has become known.