Meet Brad Joyce. Brad is CEO of Acura Group, responsible for strategy and driving the business forward but his responsibilities in the boardroom don’t keep him away from the action.

“Visiting sites and keeping up to date with the latest in innovation is a big part of what I do,” Brad says. “I really enjoy talking to customers to understand the problems they are facing and working with them to discover what would really makes their jobs Brad Joyce Acura CEOeasier.”

Acura Group is a business focused on finding solutions to a specific set of problems in cable support systems for the multi-storey building industry. It is little wonder that Brad feels so comfortable in his role.

“When I think about my time at school, I was fascinated by chemistry and economics”, he says. “That may seem contradictory, to have a love for two vastly different subjects but the union of science and commerce is exactly where I find myself today!”

Acura have brought a number of specialist products to market that help their customers save labour cost in the installation process, making their customers’ projects more efficient.
Innovation is at the heart of success in business today.

Our R&D programme is relentless, meaning we do the hard work for our customers,” says Brad Joyce. “We are dedicated to finding product improvements and developments that allow our customers to install our support systems quicker. Reducing installation time can put them ahead of the game; controlling costs along the way.”

During his tenure as CEO, Brad has increased the Acura Group commitment to holding a broad range of stock to ensure customers can get what they need, when they need it. He also set up the “Five-runs-a-day” delivery service which has transformed customer service.

“The best piece of business advice I ever received was to deal with the detail early in the day,” he says. “Start early. Then you can focus on the creative – and that’s when you discover the best solutions for your customer.”

So what is Brad’s nomination for the list of “Ten Best Buildings in the World”? The Shard in London.