David Owen - Head of Shared Services

Joining us as the Head of Shared Services, David is responsible for the management and growth of the Marketing, HR, Finance, Admin, IT and Data teams that support Acura Group.

The biggest lesson David brought across the Indian Ocean is the value of hard work.

“Nothing in life will get handed to you on a plate; you need to get out there and make it happen, through hard work and dedication.”

We understand that erecting a multi-storey development isn’t a simple feat and work hard to ensure you have the right tools, advice and solutions to complete the job on time and on budget.

Recognising the passion and commitment of our team, David plays a significant role in managing and accelerating a rapidly growing business in a booming industry and ensuring we continue to unlock potential to benefit our customers and provide them with fantastic service.

Having almost doubled the workforce since coming on board, David explains that the centre of our culture is to “always seek to improve and to challenge.” Inspired internal management means we can deliver superior customer service and solutions; getting services sorted in multi-storey developments.

You may be able to take the man out of England, but you can’t take the English out of the man. For those unfamiliar with the World Cup, David eagerly cheered on a revived English team. David shares great admiration for the new manager Gareth Southgate, saying “he basically ripped up the rule book for managing the England team, brought in fresh ideas and created a culture in which people are excited to play for England, not scared of failure, and is something England fans want to see more of!

At Acura, we understand the many challenges our customers can face on building-sites. That’s why we focus on offering innovative products and providing custom labour-saving solutions, keeping your projects on time, on budget, compliant, and just like David and his England soccer fans, keep your clients excited and wanting to see more.

David and CEO Brad Joyce have something in common; their favourite building is The Shard in London. Great minds think alike

David Owen - Head of Shared Services