PAUL - Customer Care Manager

RYAN - Warehouse Supervisor

Business is all about people for Paul Foote, customer service manager at Acura. Yet it could have been very different.

Paul started working part time when he was 13 years old. He would rise early and start a milk round at 4 AM finishing at 8 AM before heading off to school. He would do this three days a week and when he left school his first year of full-time work was on a milk round. “I loved physical education at school”, says Paul. “So when I was doing the milk run full time, I was probably the fittest I have ever been”.

“My parents taught me to treat people as I would like to be treated myself. It means I am always looking at ways to help our customers; what I would like done if I was in their position”.

“We are focused on helping our customers get the services sorted in multi-storey building projects and our commitment to customer service is a big part of that. “

Doing the milk run could be a bit of a solitary vocation so it seems implausible that he is now responsible for customer service at Acura Group. What was it that set him on a path so focused on helping people?

“I think that’s a really interesting question”, he says. “I know everybody says that your first job has such a huge impact on your life but actually there are other things that influence you more. In many ways, the person you are determines the direction and success of your working life!”

Paul is hardworking and deliberate in all that he does. He believes that you need to plan for success – it doesn’t just happen.
Paul talked about working on the Adelaide Oval project with his customers. He explained that he thought the customers benefited from having dedicated deliveries directly from Acura to the site.

“Using our own drivers rather than couriers was a real benefit for them as they were able to see us on a regular if not daily basis and share information about the project directly with us. It made our communication channel more constant and that helped keep everything flowing well in the project”.

Paul talks about luxury cruises and 5 star dining as the benchmark for customer service in the construction industry. He believes that nothing should be too hard for the customer.

Paul Foote has an uncompromised commitment to the customer and particularly to them as people. His whole approach to business is people centric. Ask him which iconic building he would most like to visit anywhere in the world and he will answer Buckingham Palace. And his answer will have very little to do with the historic importance of the building or the opulent details of design. Once again, it is all about people.

“I would love to see if I could get the guards to laugh …”