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FyrewrapFyrewrap in action


Fyrewrap is a foil faced material which can be used to help provide fire rating to ducts, fan enclosures, kitchen exhausts, critical services, penetration sills and structural steel elements. It comes in a blanket form that can be rolled out and installed easily. It incorporates a lightweight and high-temperature thermal insulation material wrapped in foil with a fibreglass reinforced scrim delivering handling strength in the Installation process.

When installed in accordance with the installation instructions, Fyrewrap will deliver fire resistance test compliance to AS/NZS 1530.4-2014.

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 Fire Collar

Snap Fire Collars - insist on a Snap fire collar to protect lives and your investment. 

Offering uncompromised fire resistance of building elements penetrated by a service, such as piping.

What sets the Snap fire collar apart from others is the spring and mesh system. Other collars rely solely on an intumescent material which, when exposed to heat, swells and eventually closes the opening.

The Snap system ensures the pipe is closed very quickly, more definitively and resists shockwaves better than an intumescent only collar.

Fire Sealant




Fire Sealant: This fire-rated silicone offers superior qualities combined with excellent movement accomodation, temperature stability, UV resistance and ageing characteristics. It offers excellent resistance to fire to a rating of 4 hours. 


Fyreset Mortar: Tested to standard AS 1530.4, fire resistance rated to 4 hours. Australian made and suitable for protection of openings and service penetrations in masonry walls and floors. Fyreset Mortar - supplied by Acura Group