The Adelaide Oval has become a cultural staple for locals, and an internationally renowned, world-class venue for sporting, entertainment and events. With a Grandstand seating capacity of 53,500, multiple functions rooms, player rooms and facilities – Acura is proud to contribute to the enormous infrastructure required to support such a construction.

The 2011 build took 100 weeks to complete. It is so important to keep large scale projects on time and on budget, as even small mistakes can result in significant delays, installation and staffing costs, with a domino effect for ongoing works quickly escalating past the budget top line. 


Acura helps keep projects on time and on budget, with dedicated stock on hand and 5 delivery runs per day. Like a true football fan knows all the players and stats of his team, Acura knows the specialist support solutions you need for the plumbing, electrical, fire services and HVAC trades.


For the Adelaide Oval, we supplied Acura strut to support electrical and plumbing components, refrigeration pipe support brackets and ducting support.


The Adelaide Oval is home to big moments, lifetime accomplishments (Like the 65,000 fans who went to watch Ed Sheeran) and once-in-a-lifetime events. Acura is proud to be part of such an iconic project. Visit our Acura showroom in Clovelly Park, meet our passionate team and see our specialist products in action.

Adelaide Oval