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SureFix Pipe Clamps

SureFix Pipe Clamps

Jan 07, 2019 By Simon Joyce News , New Products , Comments

NEW CUTTING EDGE DESIGN for superior suspension and support for all pipes

Our SUREFIX Rubber Lined Acoustic Pipe Clips feature built in insulation for sound proofing, and are ideal for securing and suspending PVC, HDPE, Copper, Steel and PEX pipework.

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Product of the Month – April 2019

Product of the Month - Acura Zip‑Clip system – Matt Black

Strong, versatile stylish.... now available in

matt black

Want more control over aesthetics and installation costs without compromising on strength or safety?  Acura Zip‑Clip is the strong, stylish, sensible, high-spec suspension solution. If you automatically think of using rigid threaded bars to solve your HVAC, electrical, mechanical and signage suspension needs, you may want to think again.

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Product of the Month - March 2019

Product of the Month - Snap Fire Collars

The Silent Fireman

Where a building element is penetrated by a service, fire collars are installed around pipes/cables/etc to ensure the fire resistance level (FRL) of the element where the services passes through is not compromised. 

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Product of the Month – February 2019

iBeamie Headlamp

This compact light is on a serious mission to exceed all your personal lighting needs! Packed full of features, you will find yourself turning lights off or going camping just to use the iBeamie LED Headlight! 

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Product of the Month - November 2018

Refrigeration Copper Pipe & Insulation

We have the HVAC techs covered. Need pipework to carry refrigerant R410A? Acura can help.

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Product of the Month - October 2018

Thermobreak Pipe Lagging

Thermobreak Pipe insulation offers superior energy saving performance, fast installation and trouble free operation. At Acura, we provide cost and time saving solutions, keeping your projects on time and budget.

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Product of the Month - August 2018

Rod Lock Strut Nut

Great things often come in small packages! That is certainly the case here, with the Acura Rod Lock Strut Nut. What it lacks in stature (measuring 23mm x 34mm) it more than makes up for in time saving features. At Acura, we provide cost and time saving solutions, keeping your projects on time and budget.

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Product of the Month - July 2018

Acura Strut

The heart of any building or construction project is the structural and services support system. Acura strut is used for the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades, providing support to cable management systems such as cable trays. Acura Group gets services sorted in multi storey development. 

At Acura Group, we are committed to getting services sorted in the ceiling of multi-storey developments. We are on a continuous look-out for products and systems that will put you ahead of the game with time and labour saving solutions.

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Product of the Month - June 2018

Soundflex Acoustic Lagging

At Acura Group, we are really focused on helping you get the services sorted in multi-storey building projects. We go out of our way to find the latest and the best products for you to bring to the project site and make a real difference. SoundFlex Acoustic Lagging on a 3 metre roll is exactly one of those specialist, labour saving, easy to use and install products that will help you keep your projects on time and budget.

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Solutions - Vibratrol Spring Hanger Boxes Range


As a principled supplier of multi-storey building support systems, Acura rounds out its service solutions in the ceiling with specialised product, Vibratrol Spring Hanger Box. Spring Hanger Boxes are used for support of suspended low frequency equipment and pipework to effectively isolate vibration. They have a wide range of applications including fan coil units, attenuators, ducting, exhaust, package units and piping. The vibratrol D Series can be used in-line with threaded rod for single and trapeze type systems. 

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