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Product of the Month – April 2019

Product of the Month - Acura Zip‑Clip system – Matt Black

Strong, versatile stylish.... now available in

matt black

Want more control over aesthetics and installation costs without compromising on strength or safety?  Acura Zip‑Clip is the strong, stylish, sensible, high-spec suspension solution. If you automatically think of using rigid threaded bars to solve your HVAC, electrical, mechanical and signage suspension needs, you may want to think again.

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Product of the Month - March 2019

Product of the Month - Snap Fire Collars

The Silent Fireman

Where a building element is penetrated by a service, fire collars are installed around pipes/cables/etc to ensure the fire resistance level (FRL) of the element where the services passes through is not compromised. 

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Product of the Month – February 2019

iBeamie Headlamp

This compact light is on a serious mission to exceed all your personal lighting needs! Packed full of features, you will find yourself turning lights off or going camping just to use the iBeamie LED Headlight! 

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Product of the Month - November 2018

Refrigeration Copper Pipe & Insulation

We have the HVAC techs covered. Need pipework to carry refrigerant R410A? Acura can help.

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Product of the Month - October 2018

Thermobreak Pipe Lagging

Thermobreak Pipe insulation offers superior energy saving performance, fast installation and trouble free operation. At Acura, we provide cost and time saving solutions, keeping your projects on time and budget.

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