Acura HQ

If you have ever visited the Acura Group building on Selgar Avenue in Tonsley, you couldn’t have failed to have been impressed. It is a magnificent facility. As you walk into reception, you notice the attention to detail. Beautiful aesthetic hard surfaces and an elegant staircase leading to well-appointed offices upstairs. One of the friendly staff members greets you from the reception desk. Clearly a professional outfit.

There is no doubt that the new facility is meant to communicate a level of professionalism to Acura Group customers but that is not the only message that Acura Group wants to get out among their customers. Opened in November 2016, the Acura facility reflects the Acura Group’s understanding of how important it is to keep things moving on a building site. Issues with mounting, hanging and restraining mechanical services can result in project delays and cost overruns. With a focus on time saving solutions for support systems, Acura Group has dedicated stock on hand that can be speedily delivered to the building site to help keep their customers’ projects on schedule and budget. With the Tonsley Innovation District over the back fence, the location is a reminder of the Acura group commitment to innovation.

The numbers that count!

It is undeniable that the new facility is exceptional but at the end of the day, the facility is as only as good as the team it houses. The team has an exceptional reputation for being affable and attentive to customer needs so at no stage do you feel as though this is a sterile building. Quite the contrary. It feels like the building is up to the excellent standard of customer service that you have come to expect.

Acura HQ