Case Study - Jordan Plumbing

Established in 1929, customers can be confident in Jordan Plumbing as a well-established and reliable company. But a focus on the past has not been the secret of the success of this prequalified ‘Tier 1’ SA State and NT Territory Government approved contractor. Certainly maintaining a significant profile, reputation and proven ability has helped … but it is not the secret. They attribute their success to seeking out innovation and fresh approaches to traditional methodologies, and embracing new technologies to better serve their clients’ needs.

Acura Group has played a key role in delivering those fresh approaches and new technologies to drive that success.

The numbers that count!

“If we have a problem on a project, Acura Group are our ‘go to’ people”, says Craig Smith, Construction Manager for Jordan Plumbing. “It’s not just about the normal stuff. Sometimes we need a creative solution to solve some particular problem so we call them up and they do all the leg work for us. They go and find a creative solution to our problem”.

Craig has more than 20 years of plumbing industry experience to draw on so he knows what drives success for the business. He has established a reputation of excellence for high quality project delivery, organisation and reliability. He doesn’t let the drive for innovation compromise project timescales or budgetary constraints.

“It’s great that they have same-day delivery, multiple deliveries per day and, most importantly, we know that they have stock”, he says. “When you have as many people on site as we do, you really do need to be working with people you can rely on. We need to work with people who have dedicated stock levels. If we want to order in big quantities, we need to know that they can deliver so that we can be confident that we will keep our crew working.

“We have been using Acura Group for eight years now and we think they’re good for a lot of reasons.

“We trust them and they’re good – but actually, they are friendly as well … and that’s really important to us”.