Adelaide Botanic High School

The new 6 level High School will provide 1,250 students with extensive curriculum offerings, grounded in STEM subjects. Acura is supplying the plumbing, fire services, electrical and HVAC contractors on this build.

Adelaide Botanic high School Gym featuring Acura products

AN IMPRESSIVE FIT OUT: The new school is a showcase of innovative design and execution, reflective of the future of learning. Acura products shown here include acura strut supporting the syphonics pipe, threaded rod supporting the A/C ductwork and plumbing pipework.

Fire Stop Solutions Provided:

Fire Sealant: This fire-rated silicone offers superior qualities combined with excellent movement accommodation, temperature stability, UV resistance and aging characteristics. It offers excellent resistance to fire to a rating of 4 hours.

Fyreset Mortar: Tested to standard AS 1530.4, fire resistance rated to 4 hours. Australian made and suitable for protection of openings and service penetrations in masonry walls and floors.

Fyrewrap: When installed in accordance with the installation instructions, Fyrewrap will deliver fire resistance test compliance to AS/NZS 1530.4-2014. Easy installation on-site.

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