The Apartments | Bowden 354

An exciting precinct is coming together in Bowden, tucked in behind the intersection of Port Road and Park Terrace.

Three different buildings are currently underway at 354 Bowden; ‘354 on the Park East’, ‘354 on Gibson’ and ‘354 on Fifth’, which will come together to form a state-of-the-art precinct with the best in modern architecture.

Construction on these is moving quickly so worth a drive past to check it out!

These builds join ‘354 On The Lane’, which is due for completion later this year and each apartment block represents unique benefits, providing a range of accommodation options extremely close to the city.

Acura has worked with many of the contractors on-site, offering regular deliveries (with our 5 delivery runs a day), set times for crane lifts and technical support on-site to make the experience on-site even better.


Acura worked closely with the Mechanical and HVAC contractors on-site to not only efficiently suspend the services on-site, but to really drive efficiency and keep things moving.

  One challenge on hand was to mount large exhaust fans to the slab above ground. These were a combination of both 800mm and 900mm diameter fans weighing in the order of 1200 kgs.

A definite challenge to get these mounted and in situ with deadlines and the build happening fast! Due diligence was done around pricing up a metal fabricator and to get it painted.

Acura worked with the Project Manager and Site Manager to work through this alternative solution  and identified that not only was it a cheaper alternative but also came with the massive added bonus of being completely flexible.

Seismic ratings were needed also so this was done along with a complete engineered design and delivered free of charge to the contractor as part of the service. See inset graphic to show design.

To add a further twist,  initially all fans were to be 800mm diameter, however, it was discovered late in the process, once the fans were on-site that they had a diameter of 900mm!

This would have meant having to crane the welded frame and send back to the fabricator and changed making extra costs and inconvenience. 

A design change easily accommodated with the delivery of a laser cut adapter plate, and no expensive modifications to the frame.

Acura also provided hot dip galvanised laser cut plates to successfully mount the fans on vibration mounts and give an extremely robust mounted fan allowing for vibration.

AcuraSTRUT was used to brace and give the frame excellent rigidity.

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