ACURA FRAMO 80Acura Framo 80

Acura Framo continues to save time and money for electrical, hydraulic and mechanical contractors. This eliminates the need for getting steelwork made off site, hot works permits, off site coating and galvanising and is an easy bolt together system. Remember we can help with design and also rate this system seismically.

Just recently we have added 7 videos to our Youtube Channel also available on our website, which will tell you all you need to know about this amazing time saving solution.

Acura Youtube Channel link:



Acura has just launched a new site box, available with optional wheels. .

We have one on display in our customer lounge so do drop in and check them out ! .

Make sure you lock your tools and supplies away safely on site with the new premium site box! .


MINI HANGER BOXMini Hanger Box by Acura

Acura has a Mini hanger box now for those lighter units that is compact, light and easy to install. It has amazing vibration absorption and is a winner in the field!

Call 1300 750 750 - Ask for a free sample today!


13NKM10 M10 ROD CUTTER13NKM10 Rod Cutter by Acura

Take the hassle out of cutting threaded rod to the required length!

Surprising easy to operate, the Acura Rod cutters leave a clean thread end for installing nut. Buy 1000 lengths of M10 rod and get this free! Also available in M12.