Buildings need to be engineered to incorporate an acceptable level of fire safety measures, to minimise the risks from heat and smoke. Acura’s range of Fire Rated products, like Fire Collars, are approved for use in many applications with many pipe types according to AS4072.1 and AS1530.4. 
Inadequate fire protection can have devastating consequences to life, property and the environment.
To meet compliance always insist on a full test report. A test certificate is not evidence of compliance and some assessments pose risks. Do not be put off by claims of “commercial in confidence.”
Acura can provide all test approvals and technical information on request to both your company and related consulting engineers promptly.
Retrospective building audits across Australia are increasing. 

Where a building element is penetrated by a service, fire collars are installed around pipes and other penetrations so that it does not compromise the fire resistance level (FRL) of the building element (wall or floor) the pipes pass through.

It is important to ensure you have the right fire collar for the application. For example, in a floorwaste and shower application, a stack collar does not meet the code. The answer is Acura’s Floorwaste collar.

Our range includes cast in fire collars for stack work and floor waste, retrofit colours in a range of sizes, gas fire collars and drop in fire collars.
Fire Collar Features
  • Easy to install
  • Available in both low and high versions
  • Compliant and independently tested
  • Acura pre-made fire collars have 0% wastage compared to 25% wastage with fire collars that are supplied on a roll, due to off-cuts
What is “flashover”?
Fire flashover refers to the moment in which a room’s heat intensifies to a point where every combustible item reaches ignition temperatures, causing them to burst into flames near-simultaneously. Flashovers are deadly and can develop in seconds with little warning.
Did you know?
  • Steel will lose 2/3rds of its strength by the time it has been heated to 600°C.
  • The majority of fire deaths are a result of smoke - either inhalation of toxic gases or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Bricks are one of the most fire resistant materials.
  • You cannot survive a flashover. 
  • Audits are being performed across Australia, led in large part by combustible cladding on facades which has resulted in significant loss of life, damage and building reform across the globe.
Acura Fire Collars used in these Adelaide Projects
  • nRAH - for every one of the 800 beds at nRAH, we supplied 6.5 fire collars - totaling to over 5000 collars!
  • Calvary Hospital
  • Stage one of Adelaide Oval


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