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Framo 80

Framo 80 has revolutionised support structures for services by providing the first real alternative to welding structural framework for supporting weights beyond the capacity of strut. As a multi-functional, non-welded support system for the modular construction of framing solutions, this amazing product simply screws together, eliminating the need of drilling, bolting and welding, effectively preventing onsite delays through its pre-galvanised finish and fully engineered computations. Lightweight, robust and incredibly versatile, this innovative system is designed to provide high torsional resistance, allowing for durable structural support framework in the construction, mining and process industries. In addition to its time and cost efficient capabilities, it is up to 80% lighter when aligned with comparable traditional steelwork profiles, making it the perfect solution for heavy duty support applications.

Threaded Support

From structural beams to threaded rod, Acura offers a full range of threaded supports to eliminate the need for drilling and welding. Where quality is our priority, our impressive array of products are manufactured with pride to ensure reliability and durability. Second only to quality is our passion for innovation, reflected in our ever-evolving range of threaded support systems. This includes the convenient SN Series Nut, Speednut and Vertigo system along with a large variety of other products. Simplifying even the most challenging jobs, the components of our threaded support systems allow for unsurpassed ease of use. By utilising our industry experience and global resources, Acura can tailor a threaded support solution to suit your job, resulting in a reduced install time and an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Q-Flex System

Up to five times faster than conventional hanging systems, Q-Flex is the ultimate solution for HVAC and Electrical supports. Limited only by your imagination, the Q-Flex suite of products offers a new level of versatility, on a scale you’re yet to experience. Proven to save up to 81% on install time, the savings you’ll make using Q-Flex will allow you to gain a competitive edge over your competition. In addition, while the Q-Flex system eliminates the need for products such as strut, trapeze supports, and primarily allthread, its evergrowing range of innovative fixings incorporates these as well as offering the flexibility of tailor-made solutions suited to your project. All products are tested in a NATA approved laboratory, making this the No.1 choice in hanging technology today.


For the ultimate in pipe support technology, Polyblock surpasses even the highest standards. Environmentally sound, this user-friendly product maximizes your commitment to sustainability. Boasting a green star rating and a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) of zero, its insulating properties are also rated greater than 5. High stress foil vapour seal encapsulates the rigid yet lightweight structure, available in 1.2m lengths. Easy to cut, it is as versatile as it is innovative, perfect for any application and size. Polyblock is resistant to fire at DIN 4102 B3 and with a temperature rating that sits between a -50˚c and 95˚c. This truly is the contractors’ choice if efficiency and value are central to your needs.

Stainless Steel Strapping

A perfect solution from the ground up. Acura is a specialist supplier of stainless steel strapping providing solutions that are made to order. We pride ourselves on offering the fastest service supported by test certificates and technical data, allowing us to provide a superior product and value for money.

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